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Sensevibe Twist, for you to experience moments of great pleasure and/or explore erogenous points through your body or your partner. Twist is a vibrating capsule that is discreet in size, but very effective in terms of vibration and stimulation. Its soft, grooved silicone coating allows for safe, comfortable and extremely pleasurable body contact. Twist vibration can be used for external stimulation of erogenous areas during foreplay. Sensevibe Twist is precise, capable of stimulating specific points and discovering new erogenous points.

Twist gently touches your body while stimulating and arousing. Creative design allows the vibration to be intense or not, with a simple touch. Ergonomically constructed to offer practicality and usability. Enjoy 07 stages of vibration that can be increased or decreased as you wish. Product made of ABS coated with 100% safe non-toxic silicone for you to enjoy without worrying about possible harm to your health.

The Pocket size turns Sensevibe Twist into a much-desired object for travel and can remain discreetly in your bag or briefcase. Even if forgotten on the table or bed, it won’t cause any embarrassment. Sensevibe Twist construction is beautiful and attractive with a premium finish. The body has small grooves that help maintain a secure grip. The control button is unique and strategically positioned to be activated and used with just one hand. With just one touch, you can turn Twist on/off and switch vibration stages.

The Sensevibe Twist stimulator is unisex, that is, perfect to be used alone or in the company of your partner. Twist provides pleasure for female erogenous points like clitoris, breasts, etc. For men, you can stimulate the penis and especially the glans region. You can also explore other erogenous points throughout the body thanks to the soft and, at the same time, intense touch, according to your choice.

Sensevibe Twist is nature-friendly, rechargeable uses renewable energy without the use of batteries. Water resistant allowing simple and uncomplicated cleaning. A stimulator with very high technology for you who seek comfort, pleasure and of course, safety above all. Sensevibe Twist, more than a stimulator, a companion for pleasure!


Sensevibe Twist, versatile, stimulating and pleasurable.
100% safe, phthalate free and latex free.
Made of silicone and non-toxic ABS.
Modern, sophisticated and stimulating.
Water resistant allowing simple and uncomplicated cleaning.
Twist has 07 different vibration stages.
Sensevibe Twist is for your pleasure, regardless of your sexual orientation.
An ideal stimulator for couples looking for new discoveries.
Rechargeable product via USB cable, does not use batteries.

How to use:

Open the package, take out your Sensevibe Twist. Before using it for the first time, clean it with mild soap. Dry with disposable paper towels or let dry naturally. To make your Sensevibe Twist last longer, repeat this procedure after each use. It is mandatory that the first charge is 04 hours , this guarantees the correct functioning of the device.

To turn on/off, press for 3 seconds the central button ” POWER ” .

Sensevibe Twist can be recharged in any USB charging source, carefully insert the charger pin into the DC input.

Usage indications:

Sensevibe Twist is perfect to use alone or enjoy a delicious game for two with your partner.
Use it to masturbate or to discover new erogenous points.
Perfect for body stimulation, clitoral stimulation or for small, highly vibrant penetrations.
For men, you can stimulate the penis and especially the glans region.
The vibrator is not a competitor in your relationship, but a great ally for foreplay.

Sensevibe Twist loves company and playing together can get even more intense and pleasurable. You and your partner can explore the entire body and points hitherto considered unexplorable. Easily adjustable vibration lets you easily control the intensity.

Alone Tip:

In the woman:
Stimulate the clitoris, breasts, vagina, vagina entrance, etc. Explore other erogenous zones by covering the entire body with Sensevibe Twist.
In man:
Stimulate the glans, P point and scrotum. Explore other erogenous zones by covering the entire body with Sensevibe Twist.


Sanitize Sensevibe Twist before and after use.
For cleaning use neutral soap or similar.
Before using, consult your doctor. We are not responsible for the misuse of the product.
Water resistant for sanitizing process, cannot be immersed in water.
Allergic people should not use.
Do not use Sensevibe Twist in areas with inflammation, swelling or lacerations.
Product for adult use.
Prohibited for under 18s.

Technical specifications:

Make sure the product is 100% dry before charging.
Before first use, the vibrator needs to be charged for 4 hours. (Only on first charge)
Initial charging time: 4 hours (Only on first charge)
Normal charging time after first use: 2 hours.
Charging time: 2 hours
To charge, use only the USB charger cable that comes with the product. Carefully insert the charger pin into the DC input.
Flashing LED light: Indicates that the device is in the process of charging.
LED light on continuously: Indicates that the device is fully charged.
Usage time: 45 minutes.




Rechargeable capsule, comes with USB cable.


Non-toxic ABS capsule coated with 100% safe non-toxic silicone.


Indefinite period.




Paper box containing 01 unit of Sensevibe Twist rechargeable multi-speed vibrating capsule, 01 USB charging cable and 01 user manual.

Weight 0.5 kg

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